Personnel consulting

The sector personnel consulting within conreal organically and naturally arose from corporate consulting. Genuinely new and strong conceptual ideas for marketing, sales, expansion and commercialisation often requires supplementing good, existing core teams with new people. The central and pivotal point of our work is always careful development of the requirement profile together with the client.
Although the professional expertise of the sought-after person may have a major weighting, it is not the only focal centre. The centre of our attention is also on the human component of the wanted person, which must not only match the culture and the team of the searching company but also develop these further. We do not merely participate in the hunt for candidates on principle. We want to bring the right person to the right position. This requires more than the study of CVs and references.
Analysis, experience, references, contacts and networks, but also intuition and instinct allow us to find the right person through interviews with the candidates.